Horse App

Is your horse too hot within the rug? There’s an application for that

Brand new technologies launched this season could quickly beam vital figures about your horse right to your mobile phone.

Horseware Ireland has developed a temperature and humidity monitor that’s designed to sit beneath a horse rug and sends readings to the HorsePal software.

It was revealed at the BETA trade fair (24-26 Jan) and it was highly recommended in the BETA innovation honours.

The particular app takes details from the monitor and combines it with all the climate forecast for the next 72 hours to advise a rug for your equine.

Consumers will also be in the position to add additional information, for example their horse’s condition, age, type and also whether or not he’s clipped or not, which will have a bearing on the decision.

“We wanted something quite easy for the launch to get on the ladder.

“The exciting thing is that this is the very first in a entire line of upgrades.”

The existing sensor requires you to be within just Fifteen metre distances of your horse, yet you’ll find offers to expand this.

Long term features will include a memory for the previous three days, a motion sensor and also notifications sent direct to your phone for any uncommon horse behavior.

The app may launch as a stand-alone the following month as well as the monitor will be made available from the autumn, when the two will likely be integrated.