What attire to wear at a Dressage Competition … Dressage clothing tips from the greatest dressage professionals

Enhancing your appearance for a dressage competition. At all times dress the part with the suitable dressage garments :

Even though you are not judged on your dressage clothes, it is still imperative that you project the appropriate appearance whenever taking part in a competition. This can be mostly due to the fact dressage is an tasteful sport activity and also rivals garments should image this.

Keep in mind the inappropriate dressage apparel could highlight a particular area (for example jiggling hands), or hide an area that the judges want to see (such as your seat or back).

You must also present the impression that you’re really serious about your sport as this will build mutual respect and help increase your confidence.

Appropriate dressage attire will flatter your form
Your dark-coloured or tweed jacket should fit you well and be tailored across the middle to flatter your form.

When it’s loose round the back you could possibly appear as if you are slouching or moving around inside the saddle. // read more